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Welcome to Bulwark Audio

Hey – it’s so nice to meet you. If you’ve got a burning passion for creating music, you’ve come to the right place

Bulwark Audio is the recording studio where dreams become a reality. We work with unique artists to help them grow, no matter which stage of their career they’re at. Everyone’s journey toward success is different, that’s why we tailor our services and customize every project to suit your goals, whatever they look like.

With high-quality tech, expert advice, and a comfortable studio environment, we welcome you to Bulwark Audio – the recording studio where your story transforms into sound.

Ready to Turn Up the Volume on Your Music Career?

We deliver customized, accessible, and high-quality sound recording services to help our artists grow.

Do you need a custom project?

Recording Studios With a Difference

Don’t have your own studio yet? No problem. Our recording studios are designed with your music in mind,
and we only ever offer the best equipment to our artists.

Let’s Take the Tempo Up a Notch


From punchy pop to deep house and everything in between, we’ll produce radio-worthy tracks that match your idea of perfection.


We love music in all of its many forms. Whether you’re into reggaeton, latin, pop, trap, urban, EDM or electronica, you bring the dream, we’ll make it a reality.


Whether it’s vocal tuning, drum alignment, or voice enhancement, our team of sound editing specialists are always on hand to offer advice and expertise.


Whether you’re looking for a smash pop hit or a reggaeton anthem, our award-winning songwriters will put the lyrics and melody to your vision.

Music For Film

BSO composition and Dolby Atmos mixing. Create an evocative soundtrack that perfectly complements the visuals of your film, video game, or advertisement.


Take your pick from our selection of multifaceted, grammy-winning musicians, and enjoy the sound quality of the industry’s best guitarists, pianists, and more.

Our Credits

José de Rico
Juan Magán
Jxta Martin
Keen Levy
Karetta el Gucci
Demarco Flamenco
Eyes of Providence
Fonsi Nieto
Arturo Grao

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